5 November 2016

MUSIC: Teeswagg X Danfadal – Na Lie (Karya) Competition

Teeswagg got me on this one. (everybody knw teeswagg)

 Danfadal AKA College boi) I’ve been making music since middle school I’m Adam other call me College boi because I Flow hard. my style is real straight to the point I call it how it is no side deals real music real rap I live what I speak every bit of it nothing is fake about me or my music(earthquake
I’m silent but mean on the track my words make disasters music is my passion. I’m 20 and I’m ready to harm the streets with my deliver swagger and diversity no one style of music is enough for me i can handle any type of music thrown at me whether it be Rap ,HipHop ,R&B, Country, Rock, Alternative, Techno,Pop, Jazz ,Blues we are here for it all
(Aboki got swagg)
saboda zafina da punchlines suke cemin maye .......
nayi deep a hiphop cause har na haifi da na yaye....


IG: @Official_danfadal


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