27 December 2016

HT News: Top Ten Hausa Rappers 2016

10. Hashim Zamaneh
Twitter: @HashimZamahNeh
Yaro Mai buta as he is mostly called by his fans had a great year in 2016. Thanks to the collaborative track with BOC which is one of the best Arewa Collaboration in 2016, he went on releasing fresh tracks back to back with his strong Rap style. He also released his Debut Project ‘Ruwan Buta Album’.
9. Deezell
Twitter: @officialdeezell
The American based rapper is no doubt one of the few Hausa Rappers that have Global presence for their music. On of his track ‘Girma’ has a very high Number Of sales on iTunes and the Video is one of the biggest/Best videos to come out from a Hausa Rapper in the whole of 2016.
8. kheengz
Twitter: @yungkheengz
Kheengz dropped some hot stuffs in 2016 the likes of Panda/Who you Epp cover which video enjoyed Airplay on some top TV stations in Nigeria and Africa at large, Hakane another hit by kheengz has a tremendous amount of downloads. I have to say, we are yet to see the best of kheengz yet
7. Abokina Xdough
Twitter: @AbokinaXDough
Xdough is no new name in the Hausa Rap niche, but what’s new is his contract with Arewa Mafia managed by classiq, he has released soo many outstanding tracks in 2016 the likes of Nine which received tremendous amount of downloads and his debut track under Arewa Mafia ‘ Yallabai’ which featured classiq himself. Xdough is definitely the artist to watch out for in 2017
6. Dr Smith
Twitter: @lyricaldrsmith1
The bulla coroner is exceptional this year, delivering one of the hottest street banger which is still trending in the north ‘Bulla’ with a very nice follow up ‘Worry them’, he has but very few releases in 2016, but we hope more will come from him in 2017
5. IBN
Twitter: @ibnofficial
The self proclaimed ‘Lyrcal Maye’ is no doubt one of the most successful Hausa Rapper in 2016 releasing his debut Project ‘Lyical Maye EP’ in 2016 with some outstanding tracks like ‘Wiwi’ which is the most streamed Hausa Rap Track on Spotify and ‘Ina Mazan suke (Remix)’ which is also the most streamed Hausa Rap Track on MTN Music Plus, and again bags a Best collaboration Nomination at Top Naija Music Award 2016 with ‘911’ featuring BOC.
4. Morell
Twitter: @iMorell
Every lover of Arewa Music has to know Morell, one of the few that took Hausa Rap to the next level in the Nigerian Music Industry, Morell has a rare talent which is Rapping and Singing as an Artist, and being very good at both. He released a viral video for ‘ECHO’ which actually went viral due to the extraordinary Rap skills he showcased on the track.
3. Dj Abba
Twitter: @Dj_Abba
Dj Abba has since been a name Hausa Rap lovers knew, but his fame keeps getting brighter, after he released his track totally which was a Hit and got alot of buzz online. It just seems any single he releases gets to be a hit in the north.
2. BOC
BOC has now becomes a name almost everyone in the north is aware of, after releasing his mixtape #NoEnglish BOC became the most talked about Hausa Rapper in the north. He featured morel & Dj abba among the few. He got the lyrical skill and Power, he murders any track he gets on. Just recently released another EP tho it did not receive the buzz No English got, but yet it has soo many good music on it, I bet u if he continues the good work, the sky would only be the beginning.
1. Classiq
Twitter: @Classiq_
Classiq come into 2016 with a lot of flames running around him, since King-Kong (Remix) which bought his name more recognition. Classiq so far released more banging tracks in the North than any other act, From Anfara, to Ban son Reni, to Zauna, to Kawai, with follow ups of some of the best video in Arewa.

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