12 February 2017

HT ENT: Exclusive Interview With Slimbabz

@Hausatop_com: Sir Briefly Introduce Yourself?

Slimbabz: OK My name in Full is Muhammad Auwal Al-Ameen an artist with the stage name "SlimBabz"

@Hausatop_com: So Tell Us About Your Educational Matter?

Slimbabz: Am well I started school way back then since 1995 finish from a nursery school called Peace Private school from there hailed to Plateau Academy one of the very best private school in jos and graduated  from there I hailed to Abuja and attended JSS kuje where I finished my secondary level as of  2010 and now presently Studing Public Administration at Federal Polythecnic Bauchi with the awarded certificate of HND

@Hausatop_com: When Did You Start Writting & Recording Music?

Slimbabz: Actually I started writting Music Way back since I was 10 and at the age of 14 I recoded my 1st song "GO JEJE" which futures a Jos Base artist called Willz since then songs Like "ENEMIES","MARRY YOU","ASAMU KO ARTASHI", where recorded so on and on till date

@Hausatop_com: What Inspire You To Start Writing & Recoding Music?

Slimbabz: Well as for me I always see music in me because since I was born talking about my previous years when I started maintaing my actual sense when my mum stops me from going out to Play she always turn the TV for me and then tune on to the cartoon channel for me to watch but unfortunately I always find a way to change it to musiQ channels because I see it as a Pleasure listening to MusiQ
Then cought thought of recording I seee musiQ in me because then my very friend Willz brother was a Producerand has wrkd with poeple like MI ABAGA, JESSE JAG, ICE PRINCE,PRECY etc so we always together with Willz who did not only discover his talent in MusiQ but even discovered tallent in Poducing musiQ as a musiQ Producer so we where always together and we recorded a lot of songs

@Hausatop_com: For Now Did You Released Any Album Or E.P? If Not How Many Singled Have You Drops?

Slimbabz: Yea sure thiers an EP I realease and I tittled it "WASALI MIXTAPE"is an EPI dedicated to my MUM which I lost last upper year I drop a couple of 12 songs like Mama,Saurareni'NidaKe,Shugaban,Show Dem,Ogbeni,YauYauNe,Sannu Dai,Labari,Keep Moving it,etc and then latter on drop singles like MUJE, KAMA KA RIKE,KO DIKO DIKO,SOYAYYA RUWAN ZUMA ft Rahma Sadau and also working on an Album tittled "DANBUKURU"

@Hausatop_com: What's Your Favourite Song Among All Your Tracks?

Slimbabz: Gaskiya Sincelly speaking I love all my songs because I get calls and Sms all the time from poeple telling me it inspire them.

@Hausatop_com: Did You Released Any Official Video Yet?

Slimbabz: Yea I released a video of a song out my WASALI MIXTAPE EP tittled "SUJE SU TAMBAYA" a hausa word meaning (LET THEM GO & ASK) and still have shot videos of songs like Show Dem a song also in the EP Yau Yau Ne but still yet to be eleased

@Hausatop_com: What Projects Are You Currently Working On?

Slimbabz: Gaskiya truthfully is a very hit single to inspire my Fans and it's gona future either one of this very bilingual well know rappers from the north which are Kheengz or Dj abba and the Song is tittled "ABOKI AUPA"which many have been after the trend on twitter and instagram so not a word anticipate!

@Hausatop_com: Should Your Fans To Keep Anticipating Something Like Album Or E.P (Extended Play) From You Soon This Year Or Next Year?

Slimbabz: Wow Very Pretty question I might be droping and Album nor EP because I will indeed love it to be an Album But mind You I am also in school but anything can happen so it's niether an EP nor Album anything can happen

@Hausatop_com: Mention Your 2 Favourite Rappers In Nigeria?

Slimbabz: Am actually I see my self as One then secondly Musa "Morell" the maiduguri hailed artist.

@Hausatop_com: What Do You Say About HausaTop Blog?

Slimbabz: Wai ☺ not a word but Hausatop CEO talking about 2KiNGS are or is a brother to me as in not mare but bloods and with this very media I love
To tell who ever neither an artist or business man/woman/label owner this Is the very best Platform to showcase your event!

@Hausatop_com: What Words Do You Have For Your Fans? And How Can They Get Or Download Your Music?

Slimbabz: Gaskiya I appreciate the Love FANZ because without you there would be no notice of the very name "SLIMBABZ" so am greatful would love to see the fan Base grow more and more kuma there's no any platform to get much update. Of any news and song about Slimbabz rather than HAUSATOP it's the Best and forever would keeping being!

@Hausatop_com: That Will Be All. Thank You For Your Time And Co-Operation

Slimbabz: Thank You also it's a pleasure for given me this very big platfom. To showcase my talent NAGODE!


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