22 March 2017

HT BIO: The Full Biography Of BOC Madaki

For those who really wanted to know deep info about B.O.C…..ask no more!!it’s finally here, Below is B.O.C’s autograph…

My Tribal Name: Dhnda (Meaning ‘There Is Home’)
Date Of Birth: 22nd September
State Of Origin: Bauchi State
L.G.A.:Bogoro LGA,Bauchi State
Ethnicity: Zhar(Popularly Known As ‘Sayawa’),The Present
Speaker National House Of Assembly In Person Of RT.
4th Citizen) is my tribal man
Present State Of Domicile: Bauchi(Mostly In Jos These
Days,If Not,I Travel Around)
Stage Name: B.O.C
Meaning Of The Acronym B.O.C In order of preference:
Beyond Ordinary Critics
Black Ordained Champ
Black Out Cartoon
Barde Ogan Chasu
Bulus’ Own Child
‘Barde Ogan Chasu’ Is A Hausa Name That Means ‘Brave
Entertainment Leader’ In English


I’m the only male child from my family and my dad’s name is BULUS(Hausa version of PAUL in the Bible), so that’s why B.O.C also stand for BULUS’ OWN CHILD I’m From A Nuclear Family, My Dad And Mom Are Both Alive Both civil servants, Our parents gave birth to Five of us I am the first born and the only male child of the family
Before The Death Of Some Of My Sisters ,This Was The Order Of Our Births Arranged By Our Names: Luka(B.O.C)-
>Martha->Elizabeth->Mary, Not Until Mary Died In The Year 2001,Therefore We
Became 3 …Luka(B.O.C),Martha,Elizabeth.
We later became 4 Children To Our Parents Again With The Birth Of BRIDGET In 2003 It Were Then LUKA(B.O.C),MARTHA,ELIZABETH,ET Not Until Death Took MARTHA Away In January 24th,2013.
So I Presently Have 2 Surviving Sisters In Person Of ELIZABETH & BRIDGET. I’ve Got A Son Already Named


KINDERGARTEN EDUCATION: 1990 Through 1991(Sunshine Learning Centre,New GRA Bauchi,Bauchi

NURSERY EDUCATION: 1991 Through 1993(Nursery 1 To Nursery 2 At JIBRIL
AMINU NURSERY & PRIMARY SCHOOL, New GRA,Behind Zaranda Hotel,Bauchi)

PRIMARY EDUCATION: 1991 Through 1996(Pri. 1 To Pri. 3 At JIBRIL AMINU
The primary 3 to primary 6 is between 1996 and 1999

SECONDARY EDUCATION: 2000 Through 2002(G.D.S.S. BAUCHI,Shadawanka Army
Barracks,Bauchi) & 2003 Through 2005(G.D.S.S Bayara,Bauchi) So I’m A 2005 Secondary School Candidate But Wrote SSCE In 2006 Due To Some Challenges That Affected My Finances

TERTIARY EDUCATION: 2007 Through 2008(National Diploma In AGRIC. TECH. At SCH. OF AGRIC,ABUBAKAR TATARI ALI POLYTECHNIC BAUCHI,It Was Not Successful As I Dropped Out From The School As A Result Of Some Academic And Personal Issues,After Agreeing To Spill Over Through 2009).After A
P.O.P(Plaster Of Paris) Apprenticeship Through Out 2009, And Been A Primary School Classroom Teacher From January To December Of 2010, I Got Signed By A ‘Lagos Based’ Bauchi Group Of Management Called ‘TOSS A COIN’ Which Made Me Stayed For Five Months At My Base Between Dec. 2010 And May 2011,I Came Back To Bauchi And Re-enrolled
Myself Into The same Polytechnic I Dropped Out From,But These Time As An ESTATE MANAGEMENT Student Of
National Diploma Under School Of Environment Studies Between 2012 And 2013. I Successfully Graduated With A
First Class Grade,3.75/4.00 CGPA
So I’m Just A National Diploma Holder.


Started Rap In 2003 As A Result Of The Positive Influence I Had From A Friend Called SLASH D And A Church Monthly Concert Titled ‘LIBERATION HOUR’, In One
Church Called ‘ELIM CHURCH In Hood Called ‘YELWA’ In Bauchi.

I Started As A Gospel Artistes In A Group Called ‘CHRIST VICTORIOUS’ With My Friend SLASH D And His Younger
Brother Called CHESQUER.
We Never Recorded Or Performed A Song As CHRIST VICTORIOUS As A Result Of The Disappointments We Had In Often Times. After A Short While We Parted But I
Remained A Gospel Artist As A Soloist.

Kept On And Had The Chance To Do My First Performance In A Church At An Area Called ‘BAYARA’ In 2004.
Prior To Then,I Was Miming Foreign Artist Like 50 Cent,etc’s Songs On Lit Day In Secondary Schools.
I Was Bearing ‘DIAMOND D’ As My Stage Name At Then.
SLASH D Came Back To Me So We Can Reform A Group But This Time As Secular Artistes After Watching My Gospel Performance On That Same LIBERATION HOUR Platform We’ve Always Been Craving To Perform On.

Recorded Our First Song As A Group Called ‘D-HOOD,It Means DREAMS HOOD’ In 2005 And The Song’s Title Was
‘DA FLOOR’;A Party Rap Song Actually Inspired By SHAGGY’s ‘SEXY LADY’ Song.
After Recording A Couple Of Songs With SLASH D,We Parted Ways In 2007 And That’s How I Became A Solo Artist Again.Still A Solo Artist,I Later Changed My Name From DIAMOND D To B.O.C.
From Then Till Now,I Have Over A Hundred Songs To My Personal Credit.
I have Been On Over Five Hundred Features And Collaborations.

I’ve Always Been An Independent Artist.My Artist/ Management Deal With ‘TOSS A COIN’ Expired In 2010 But
Got Renewed In July 2013.It Lasted For 2yrs And Expired In July 2015.
Though Seen With Little Or No Impact On My Career,TOSS A COIN Aided The Shoot Of The Video Of One Of My Songs
Titled ‘ONE OF A KIND’ Which I Feature The Producer Who I Regard As My Major Producer So Far In Person Of ‘C
MAN’ And His Younger Brother Whom I Regard As One Of The Best Rapper Of Our Time In Person Of ‘BLACK BLINX’.We Were Actually TOSS A COIN Teammates By Deal Signatures.

So I Kicked Off As A Professional Musical Artist In 2013 And Still Strong Independently.
I Have Worked With Great Artists Not To Mention.
I Have Been On Several Radio,TV And Newspaper Interviews.

Languages Used In Music:

I Rap In English,Hausa(Local Dialect Spoken In Northern Nigeria And Some Neighbouring African Countries).I Also
Rap In Pidgin English And A Little Bit Of My Local Language(Zhar).No Limit To The Number Of Language In As Much As More Can Be Learnt.

My Influence Are:

The Thoughts Of What I See Around Me And The Product Of My Wild Thoughts,Likewise Any Artist Or A Fellow In Any Certain Line Of Profession Who’s Outstanding At What He Does.

I Am Presently Working On A Huge Project Titled ‘NO ENGLISH AND SORRY PLEASE THANKS’ ,It Is Actually A Mixtape/Album Project.
It Is Gonna Feature Artists All Around
Nigeria,Predominantly The North Due To The Location I Domicile.
Though Without An ‘A Class’ Video,I Have Had Almost Or More Than 4,000 Downloads Of My NO ENGLISH (Video
In My 2017 Album (Sorry Please Thanks) I Have Hit Songs Like Knock Knock, Madarar Lebe, Dari Bisa Dari, Really Real, Do That, Pennates, Sorry Please Thanks, Big Brother, Himma, Sir Abubakar, Sabada, And Home Coming,

Get B.O.C’s Track HERE

*Twitter- @BOCMadaki
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*instagram – @bocmadaki


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