17 March 2017

HT ENT: Exclusive Interview With Sky Prince

@Hausatop_com: Sir Briefly Introduce Yourself?

Sky prince: Okay.
I'm idris Muhammad baba
I'm from kaduna state
I'm 22 years old

@Hausatop_com: So Tell Us About Your Educational Matter?

Sky prince: I finished my secondary in uncle bado Kaduna, I'm currently a third year medicine student in uni of egypt

@Hausatop_com: When Did You Start Writting & Recording Music?

Sky prince: I started writing and recording song wen I was 16th that's 6 years ago.
My first single was called SICK SONG ft my friend styl o

@Hausatop_com: What Inspire You To Start Writing & Recoding Music?

Sky prince: Music was something fun for me, and ice prince was a great influence

@Hausatop_com: For Now Did You Released Any Album Or E.P? If Not How Many Singled Have You Drops?

Sky prince: No, seven

@Hausatop_com: What's Your Favourite Song Among All Your Tracks?

Sky prince: ROAD TO FAME

@Hausatop_com: Did You Released Any Official Video Yet?

Sky prince: No but I'm planning of doing soo soon. It's part of my plan

@Hausatop_com: What Projects Are You Currently Working On?

Sky prince: I'm working on soo many things but for now I want to concentrate on making an official video
I get singles coming up, some including a song featuring the full lafamila gang. then the video and a mixtape

@Hausatop_com: Should Your Fans To Keep Anticipating Something Like Album Or E.P (Extended Play) From You Soon This Year Or Next Year?

Sky prince: Yup they should

@Hausatop_com: Mention Your 2 Favourite Rappers In Nigeria?

Sky prince: Ice prince and ClassiQ

@Hausatop_com: What Do You Say About HausaTop Blog?

Sky prince: It is an excellent  blog, where u can find new dope hit and one of the top site in arewa

@Hausatop_com: What Words Do You Have For Your Fans? And How Can They Get Or Download Your Music?

Sky prince: Just want to thank them for the support cox without them I won't b where I am today, and I promise to keep it real.
They can get some of my song on notjustok,waptrick and finally Hausatop. Where I actually drop my EP And We have our official website too www.lafamiliamusic.tumblr.com

@Hausatop_com: That Will Be All. Thank You For Your Time And Co-Operation

Sky prince: Thank you  for having me here
It's an honor having this interview


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