20 March 2017

MUSIC: Hashim Zamah Neh – Sai Monde

After the the release of RUWAN BUTA ALBUM by the C.E.O of ku-gusa entertainment in person of Hashim Zamah Neh a.k.a Yaro mai buta, which was his first Album in the year 2016. 

Hashim Zamah Neh is Notwithstanding here with new concept.... Titled "SAI MONDE" mixed & mastered by Hashim Zamah Neh In the of March he released a single titled Maza_maza which was his first single in the year 2017. 

Here comes his second single titled SAI MONDE which is yet another hit with new vibe In Sai MONDE Hashim Zamah  Neh is depicting the nature of a ghetto like lifestyle where tricks is rampant.....
Nowadays if guys say SAI MONDE.... It means the expected will not happen

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